Saturday, 10 March 2012

No Sharking

Last night I went out and played pool with Louise. We have begun playing pool together again. A couple of years ago we played pool for the first time. I was playing well and she wasn't. As two very competitive people it can be very bad for your relationship if you are not careful. I was making bank shots, combos, running the table. I am seldom that focussed of a pool player. It was a bad time to start acting like Tom Cruise in "The Color of Money." Needless to say we did not play pool for years after this. I played well last night but kept my mouth shut. I am sure we will be playing again soon. 

The rack of balls in this page was done with oil pastels and India Ink. The backgrounds were painted with acrylic and textured with matte gel medium. The "pocket billiards" and "Billiards Table $39.99" are 'borrowed' and collaged.
The 'catalogue' text from the "Billiards Table" insert reads:
once in your basement, this billiard table will provide an attractive surface for the folding of laundry, a storage space for boxes and other storage, and will even provide cover in your home in the case of a tornado or other small disaster! Table includes....

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