Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bad Tattoo/ City

What if I were inked up?  Okay so I was having a little fantasy about being covered with old school tattoos.  Either that or drawing old school tattoos.  After this I decided that I was ready for neither.  This is the last of my 1 pagers as I get comfortable with trying to create a wall to wall finished piece.  There is actually a photo of me underneath this.  An old photo from when I had bigger arms.  It was black and white and I painted over most of it, but the arms are still there. 

This is another infill page done at a later time.
This is an acrylic painting done as a background picture. I gessoed the square in the center of the page and created a line drawing reproduction of a representation of a cityscape.

Get ready for the next all starts to come together for me with my first two pager on the next page.....

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