Friday, 2 March 2012

Bored Games

Bored Board Games -- The page on the right is the next journal page.  At this time I was not ambitious enough to try a 2 page spread so I simply did one.  At this time I was playing Scrabble with my wife and she was always beating me.  Being competitive I started playing online and memorizing all the 2 letter words.  The small text reads..."Start as a BEGINNER. After a while you can be GOOD. When you study, practice and always play to win you become OBNOXIOUS then you need to take up SUDOKU"  In the background is a list of all the 2 letter words.    I was quite proud of this as an art journal page.  A lot more planned and cohesive than my previous attempts.
Later I went back and infilled the blank page across from the Scrabble Page. I gel transferred lots of parts from a book of board games that I picked up second hand. This is a very dark and textural piece. Although this piece is so dark and alot of the gel transfers are obscured by covering paint, it kind of works. It looks even better in person.

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