Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My New Journal/A Madman's Hall of Fame Issue

Art is about influences.  After some journalling time off I was brought back into journalling by the same inspiration that got me started in the first place: my wife Louise.  Louise was journalling and creating mini journals from water colour paper that was cut, folded and sewn together into small journals.  She recommended that I try this format as it would allow me to work through a theme in a journal with a finite number of pages. I also was shown the work of Teesha Moore ( http://www.teeshamoore.com/myjournal/pages1.html ) and being a bad follower I attempted to work in that style but it may be hard to tell.  When I use fashion magazines for my collages I sort of lean to anti-fashion.  See the detail of the table of contents for this journal on the right.

Definitely interesting things ahead....

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