Tuesday, 6 March 2012


The Book, not the Movie (or the Year)
I have listened to the book on tape version of 1984 several times now as well as having read the book.  This book and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World are two of my favourites.  While listening to the book on tape I may have become a little bit obsessed with it and how it has come to actually exist, especially in post 9-11 North America.  The freedoms that we were uncomfortable giving up in the last decade have become permanently obliterated.  I remember having to have my finger prints scanned in the States in order to exchange a comic book.  Anyone who doubts that a piece of 1984 has become a reality just needs to remember three little words..."continuous global warfare."  America and its allies have been at war constantly for the last 10 years.  The "Secure Beneath the Watchful Eyes" is actually taken from a poster used in the London Underground.  It really fits, doesn't it?  Okay, enough rant.

The artwork for page 1 was based on a line drawing which was based on internet images. Page 2 was originally done by cut and paste of  images laid out in Microsoft Publisher.  I downloaded  images from the internet and used them as my base.  I then added    family photos and comic book style thought balloons illustrating the "thought crimes."  Any resemblance of Big Brother on page 2 to George Bush is purely intentional.  Once again page 2 of 1984 is a drawing/painting based on the original Publisher document I created.  I also  have a page of the original black and white Publisher document in my Journal.

I am sure that I spent at least a week on these pages.  Again, this was a huge exercise in process.

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