Thursday, 29 March 2012

The End of Art (or just the start)

This is the back cover from my 12 page journal entitled "A Madman's Hall of Fame Issue" where I have explored themes such as consumerism, fashion, food supply, stereotypes, progress and the future.  All of these pages were executed quickly in a single session and were content heavy and art light.  In the next journal I want to explore the medium a lot more and make it more about the visuals and less 'statement art.'  This page is created in that vein.  If you are making a political statement and it is against the status quo, what better art form than graffiti. Having decided this, I admitted to myself that I had a poor understanding of graffiti and vowed to use my next journal to pursue a better understanding of the art form or at least the stylistic elements of the art form.  In this pursuit I have made the last page of this journal a summing up of what happened in this journal, that is, a hijacking of visual art for the purpose of making political statements, or, "the end of art". If you look closely you will see the graffiti drawn on a page of writing, this is once again Dr Anandale's Dictionary of Precise English and features the page containing the definition of 'graffiti'.  The rest is done in markers.

My next posts will be from my new journal entitled "STR8UP: a personal graffiti journal." Stay tuned.

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